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Meet Holly

Holly was speaking to “audiences,” captivating the attention of those around her as early as three years old.  She always wanted to share stories in an authentic and sincere manner.  As a child, Holly earned the nickname “Ms Bossy Boots,” never afraid to voice her opinion.  She is often referred to as a trailblazer, spit-fire, and unapologetically outspoken.  Originally from Missouri, Holly’s gypsy spirit relocated her to many locations throughout Tennessee for nearly 9 years.  She currently resides in Missouri.

Holly left the corporate world early 2019, and using her skill set and background from her bachelor's and master’s, she forged her own path and became an entrepreneur.  She is the owner and founder of Definitely Holly — — public figure, Conservative/Libertarian - Independent thinker, social media and digital marketing expert, shooter, gun rights advocate, music booking agent and yoga addict.

Many recognize Definitely Holly for her humorous Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez impersonations, strong convictions and common sense.  Holly has made appearances on NRATV, The Blaze, local news stations, numerous well-known Conservative podcasts and talk radio shows, and has even assisted in producing and acting in Spectrum commercials. 

Holly holds a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism and a master’s degree in Communications and Marketing from Lindenwood University.  She has over 9 years of experience, and her specialities include social media, digital marketing, media production, writing/editing, promotions, branding, acting, on-camera and on-air talent.

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