Holly is thrilled to announce her new podcast, The Definitely Holly Show on Breakthrough Media TV.  The Definitely Holly Show is available on all media and podcast platforms.


After a viral video with Chad Prather, BlazeTV Host and Conservative Influencer, Definitely Holly became a well-known figure.  Definitely Holly has thousands of followers/supporters across the United States, (especially in Missouri & Illinois).  Definitely Holly is an entrepreneur and believes small businesses and hard-working people are the backbone of the American way of life.

Holly stands for God/Christianity, traditional values/morals, freedom, Constitutional liberties, the Second Amendment and gun rights, pro-life/the unborn, self-motivation and leadership, holistic wellness/health, and small businesses.

Interested in becoming a sponsor for The Definitely Holly Show?  Let Definitely Holly spotlight your business!  Ads are read by the show host, Definitely Holly, and customized to make them more personal.  Holly accepts sponsors for products and services that are in alignment with the philosophy and vision for The Definitely Holly Show.

Interested in being a guest speaker on The Definitely Holly Show?  Communicate your ideas in front of a broad audience of people and offer value in your area of expertise.


Contact Holly today to find out more information!